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Gryphon 25MM (GH25)
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HIKMICRO Gryphon GH25 Fusion Thermal...

Price €2,209.99

RRP:2209,99 EUR

The Gryphon Fusion Monocular introduces many unique features including ground-breaking bi-spectrum, Fusion technology which uses a thermal sensor alongside a conventional optical camera to deliver a super-detailed thermal image.

Thermal Imager Monocular Falcon FQ35

Price €2,600.00

Experience the Hikmicro Falcon FQ35, a revolutionary thermal imager that redefines the industry. With its unmatched 384x288 resolution, pinpoint accuracy, ergonomic design, and adaptability across industries, it's the ultimate tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether you're conducting industrial inspections, embarking on search and rescue missions, or exploring the wonders of wildlife, the Falcon FQ35 empowers you to see and understand the invisible. Don't miss out on the future of thermal imaging—choose the Hikmicro Falcon FQ35 today and elevate your capabilities to a whole new level