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Alcotester Drager 5820

Alcotester Drager 5820

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Dräger Alcotest® 5820


Dräger Alcotest® 5820 -  latest generation of breath alcohol testing devices by Dräger​!

The model is showing inoviative one-button operation. Easy to understand full text messages on a large, backlit display safely through the alcohol measurement. Two LEDs and audible signals support the display and log the end of a measurement process. Two menu keys are used for navigation, so you can see for example, the last test results.

The built in electrochemical sensor, is characterized by very short response times and longevity. He works very accurately and reliably. Even at temperatures between -5 °C and +50 °C, the analysis is reliable. Even with high alcohol content, the sensor provides fast reliable results, with active as well as in passive measurement.

The new product design meets all requirements for a fast, simple and hygienic implementation of Breath Alcohol Analysis: The contour of Slide'n'click mouthpiece allows intuitively the correct placement, even in the dark.
All measuring functions can be selected with a single button. Two additional buttons are used for menu navigation. Easily understandable full-text messages on the backlit display guide the user reliably through the alcohol test. Optical and acoustic signals support user navigation. Putting on the hygienic Slide’n’click mouthpiece is intuitive. The air outlet cannot be covered and thus prevents manipulation when providing breath samples. Alternatively, mouthpieces with non-return valves are also available.


Technical features:

Brand / Manufacturer Dräger
Model / Type Alcotest 5820
Application commercial / authority use
Sensor type elektrochem. Sensor / Dräger Fuel Cell
Sensor Size 6,35 mm
Measuring range 0,00-5,00 ‰
Accuracy up to 1 ‰ ± 0,05 ‰
Measurement mode active
Measurement units % + ‰ (BAK) + mg/l (AAK)
Measurement data storage       100 readings
Test counter yes
Menu language Deutsch / Englisch / Französisch / Spanisch 
Calibration interval after 6 months
Power supply 1 x Lithium-Battery CR123A

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