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Alcodetector S100 Breathalyser

Alcodetector S100 Breathalyser

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Alcodetector S100 - breathalyzer with Pro class platinum electrochemical sensor, suitable for both professional and personal use


Alcodetector S100 - breathalyzer with Pro class platinum electrochemical sensor, suitable for both professional and personal use.
The largest platinum electrochemical sensor in the Alcodetector device group results in more accurate measurement results and longer device life.
Precise airflow control (using an air pressure sensor) ensures that a sample of air exhaled deep from the lungs is used for analysis.
In the informative and bright OLED graphic display you will see the test number, date and time, unit of measurement, number of days left before calibration, battery status, other text messages in Lithuanian or English.
Green and red LED indicators and an audible signal inform you if the result exceeds the set limit. The factory-set 0.20 ‰ alarm limit can be adjusted as required using the device menu.
The opening of the disposable nozzle is illuminated and the nozzle facilitates the use of the device in the dark.
The memory of the last 100 measurements with the test number, date and time can be viewed on the device display. In addition, the device can display the measurement results graphically.
For more privacy, you can reduce or mute the device.
You can also change the language of the display messages - the device uses Lithuanian or English (selected via the menu).
Calibration Reminder Function - The Alcodetector S100 reminds you of service not only by the test counter, but also by the number of days remaining before service. Before each test, the display shows how many days the next service will be required.
Unlimited 24 month warranty on the device (for all parts, including the sensor). Technical maintenance and calibration is performed in Lithuania.
Compact, durable and comfortable design housing. Economical - you can perform up to 1000 tests with one set of batteries. Measurement ranges from 0.00 to 5.00 ppm.


Technical data:

  • Category: Professional breathalyzer
  • Country of manufacture: South Korea
  • Sensor: Platinum Electrochemical (Pro)
  • Warranty: 24 months, service in Lithuania
  • Temperature sensor: The test is not permitted if the temperature is incorrect. Temperature compensation is not used.
  • Measurement range: 0.00 to 5.00 ‰
  • Units of measurement: ‰ (factory setting), mg / 100mL,% BAC, ug / L, mg / L - change via menu.
  • Calibration: electronic calibration (automatic reminder)
  • Calibration frequency: We recommend checking the accuracy every 6 months. Calibration every 12 months.
  • Calibration Reminder: The display shows how many days are left until the next service. Delayed service message on the screen.
  • Metrological verification: Not possible
  • Accuracy: ± 0.05 ‰ to 1.00 ‰ result; ± 5% above the result of 1.00 ‰
  • Display: OLED graphic (128 x 64)
  • Control menu: Menu in Lithuanian or English
  • Preparation time: ~ 10 s after 0.5 ‰ result
  • Power supply AA Alkaline batteries, 2 pcs.
  • Economy: about 1000 tests with one set of batteries
  • Memory: The last 100 measurements with test number, date and time are viewed on the device screen.
  • Operating temperature: -5 ° C to + 40 ° C
  • Size: 60 x 128 x 24 (mm)
  • Weight: 130 g with batteries
  • Kit contents: Alcodetector S100 breathalyzer, 6 disposable tips, 2 x AA batteries, carrying case, instruction in Lithuanian
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