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 Handheld Thermal Binoculars TN650
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Handheld Thermal Binoculars TN650

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TN650 Handheld Thermal Binoculars. TN Normae Series follows classic binocular design, greatly reducing the fatigue feeling of long-time observation.



TN650 Handheld Thermal Binoculars. TN Series follows classic binocular design, greatly reducing the fatigue feeling of long-time observation. It adopts high-sensitivity Vox uncooled IR detector, bring you high quality imaging and immersive observation experience with full colour OLED 1024×768 high-definition display. A variety of functions to meet all your needs, such as taking photos, videos, WIFI, laser ranging, GPS, compass, etc.


Infrared detector

Resolution ratio: 640×480

Wavelength range: 8~14μm

NETD: ≤50mk @ F1 25℃



Focal length: 50mm F1.2

Focusing mode: Manual focusing

Field angle: 8.78×6.59

Frame rate

Output frame frequency: 50Hz

Zoom multiple

Optical zoom multiple: 2.8x

Digital zoom multiple: 1x—8x

Visual effect It's like viewing at a 22’‘screen at a distance of 1m


Power supply

Battery: Replaceable 2*18650 batteries (the battery protection board is not considered)

Working time: ≥ 5.5 hours @ 25 ℃ (only observe the state and use a specified battery for testing)



USB Type: C (USB 2.0 standard), with power supply function and data access

Video interface: Micro HDMI

WIFI Transmission of real-time video via WIFI, 2.4G frequency, distance up to 15m

External extension: External display and external Bluetooth remote control

Mechanical interface: Picatinny


Display screen

Display screen: OLED, 0.39’’ × 2

Resolution ration: 1024*768

Eyepiece Monocular, exit pupil distance ≥16mm, adjustable dioptre -4~+2

Video output system: HDMI



Butt: Switch/Up/menu/Down /Photo/video/Ranging


Smooth zoom in: Available

Adjust screen brightness 10 levels

Adjust detector brightness 10 levels

Adjust detector contrast 10 levels

Image enhancement: Available

Scene mode adjustment: Three modes: enhancement, sensed and natural

Photo: Available

Video recording: Available

WIFI Transmission of real-time video via WIFI for remote control, 2.4G frequency band, distance up to 15m

Pseudo colours: Black hot/white hot/adjustable red hot/ iron red/ blue hot/green hot

Hot spot tracking: Available

Work indicator switch: Switch

Compensation mode: Automatic compensation, shutter compensation and scene compensation

Rough ranging: Available

Automatic shutdown: Adjustable shutdown time from 15min, 30min to 60min

Auto sleep: Adjustable shutdown time from 5 min, 10 min to 15 min

Language settings: Chinese/English/Russian/German/French



Time setting: Available

Watermark settings: Closure, and setting of date or date and location

Pip Capable to swipe left and up, or pause in the middle and swipe up; or swipe right and up to close

Restore to default: Available

Start-up time 15s (turn on to live image) @25℃

Memory capacity: 16GB


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