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Thermal imaging monocular InfiRay E3 MAX V2
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Thermal imaging monocular InfiRay E3 MAX V2

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Thermal imaging monocular InfiRay E3 MAX V2

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The 12 micron thermal sensor in the InfiRay E3Max V2.0 thermal imager allows the device to capture detailed thermal images, the device performs well in a wide range of temperatures, and the 50Hz frame rate guarantees that you capture every moment you want. The thermal imager stands out with its excellent technical parameters: a clearer, more detailed image, which makes it easier to evaluate the observed objects. Calibration is quieter, longer operating time, and improved image quality.

When you are not using the device, it enters standby mode, during which the screen turns off and does not emit any light, which ensures that you are not noticed. With this feature, the settings remain unchanged, and you can return to monitoring with the click of a button.

The Picture-in-Picture function increases the accuracy of the picture. A screen with 2x magnification appears at the top of the screen. This helps zoom in on the subject while maintaining the field of view on the overall screen. 5 color palettes allow you to choose the most comfortable option - "white hot", "black hot", "red hot", "color" and "hot target highlight". Quick and easy switching between different color palettes.

Ultra-clear function - the mode is designed to improve the image in the presence of a small temperature difference - in bad weather, such as heavy fog or heavy rain. The mode increases the detail of the image and sharpens the outline of the heat-emitting subject. The thermal imager can be used in all weather conditions, its housing is resistant to short-term water fillings, impervious to dust and other dirt. The thermal imager is IP EAC certified with IP66 protection.

The static distance meter is designed to quickly and easily calculate the approximate distance to your target. The device has an integrated WiFi function, 16 GB of internal memory for your captured images. If you run out of memory thermal imaging, you can connect to a WiFi connection and record the image to your tablet or computer remotely.


In the set: thermal imager, soft case, warranty card, power supply, micro USB cable, video cable.

Technical data:

  • Model: E3Max V2.0;
  • Sensor resolution: 384 × 288;
  • Pixel size, μm: 12;
  • NETD, mK: ≤50;
  • Frame rate, Hz: 50;
  • Lens lens, mm: 35;
  • Field of vision, °: 7.5 ° × 5.7 °;
  • Screen resolution: 1280 × 960 LCOS;
  • Optical magnification: 3.5-14.0;
  • Digital zoom: × 2 / × 4;
  • Detection distance, m: 1818;
  • Maximum battery life, h: 7;
  • Dimensions in mm: 186 × 65 × 64;
  • Weight, g: <420.
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