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Thermal imaging monocular InfiRay ZOOM ZH38
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InfiRay ZOOM Series ZH38 Hand Held Thermal Monocular

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For the first time on the market, the InfiRay ZOOM ZH38 thermal imager has a feature that allows you to use a double field of view.

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For the first time on the market, the InfiRay ZOOM ZH38 thermal imager has a feature that allows you to use a double field of view. Video surveillance through a wider field of view and a narrower field of view can be switched when an object is detected. This is a 2 in 1 thermal imager. High definition FULL HD OLED screen - 1440 × 1080. The Zoom ZH38 has a built-in ultra-high-resolution color FULL HD OLED display that is compatible with a 20x magnifying eyepiece. The thermal imager also supports × 1 / × 2 / × 3 / × 4 electronic zoom for even clearer and easier viewing. The main shutter module is designed so that it does not require a calibration curtain. The calibration curtain on other thermal imagers allows you to reload and refresh the image, which can be noticed when the instantaneous image freezes and the click of the thermal imager is softly heard. However, the Zoom ZH38's main shutter module is designed without a curtain and does not require continuous calibration.


NETD (thermal sensor sensitivity) ≤25mk - ZH38 mounted InfiRay designed and developed Vox 12 micron thermal sensor with high resolution of 640 × 512. A lower NETD number indicates that the visible temperature differences between the thermal body and its environment will be even more pronounced. The ultra-clear function mode is designed to enhance the image in bad weather, e.g. heavy fog or rain. The thermal imager has low power consumption components. The ZOOM ZH38 has a capacitive 4400mAh battery that will allow the device to operate for up to ten hours at moderate ambient temperatures. The battery is replaceable and the kit includes two batteries, so the thermal imager will last up to twenty hours.


The ZOOM ZH38 has 32 GB of internal memory to capture your moments. Together with the InfiRay Outdoors mobile app, you can transfer video files, photos to your phone and use your smart devices as additional screens. The Picture-in-Picture feature improves image clarity by displaying a 2x magnified image at the top of the screen. This helps zoom in on the target while maintaining the field of view on the overall screen. 5 color palettes allow you to choose the most comfortable option - "white hot", "black hot", "red hot", "color" and "hot target highlight".


Package Contents:
thermal imager, soft case, two IBP-1 batteries, IBC-1 battery charger, power adapter, micro USB cable, wrist strap, neck strap, lens cloth, user manual, warranty card.


Technical data:


  • Model: ZH38;
  • Sensor resolution: 640 × 512;
  • Pixel size, μm: 12;
  • NETD, mK: ≤25;
  • Frame rate, Hz: 50;
  • Lens lens, mm: 19/38;
  • Screen resolution: 1440 × 1080 FHD OLED;
  • Optical magnification: 1.6 ~ 12.8;
  • Digital zoom: 1 × / 2 × / 3 × / 4 ×;
  • Eye relief, mm: 20;
  • Detection distance, m: 2000;
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery pack IBP-1 / 4400mAh / DC3.7V;
  • Maximum battery life, h Single battery life: 10 hours;
  • WiFi: Yes;
  • Photography, filming: Yes;
  • Internal memory, GB: 32;
  • Dimensions in mm: 190 × 65 × 60;
  • Weight, g: 580.
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