BIOTECH Trichinella Ltflow diagnostic set
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BIOTECH Trichinella Ltflow diagnostic set

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“Trichinella Ltflow” diagnostic set for identification of Trichinella antibodies. 

Diagnostic set – cassette test with biological components, which is purposed for analysis of antibodies against helminths of Trichinella genus and their presence in the blood of swines, wild boars, horses, bears, badgers, dogs, foxes, wolves and other species, which are in high-risk of having Trichinellosis. Presence of Trichinella antibodies could be visually confirmed by the appearance of a colored stripe in cassette test window.

Components of the diagnostic test: cassette test, estimated for one sample analysis; test tube with buffer solution, estimated for dilution of one sample (blood, blood serum, blood plasma, meat juice); single-use pipette.

Pharmacological group: Diagnostic set for in vitro diagnostics.
Animal species: Swines, wild boars, horses.
Purpose of diagnostic set: Set is used to identify presence of Trichinella antibodies in blood, blood plasma, blood serum and meat juice (meat discharge).

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