Yukon 6-100X100 Spotting Scope Kit 45 Degree Angled
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Yukon 6-100X100 Spotting Scope Kit 45 Degree Angled

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Yukon 6-100X100 Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope is a revolutionary new spotting scope with unique optical characteristics. This is the first 100mm spotting scope on the market that will deliver crystal clear magnification from 6x Power to 100x Power with no distortion and no loss of image quality. This exclusive capability of Yukon 6-100X100 Spotting Scope is achieved by using two multicoated objective lenses, one with 25mm and the second with 100 mm aperture - both sharing a common ocular lens. The enormous light gathering capabilities of the Yukon 100 mm objective lens makes the picture clear and bright in most viewing conditons, even in twilight. For the low magnification observation or for general aiming, the 25mm lens system with linear zooming is utilised. This function of Yukon Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope will bring objects from 6 times to 25 times closer to the observer. When more or magnification is desired, the lidht path can be turned from one objective lens to the other by sn easy twist of a knob. The Yukon 6-100X100 Angled Eyepiece will then switch to the 100 mm objective lens sustem. In this mode, the linear zooming capabilities of the scope will provide high resolution images that are 25 times to 100 times closer to the observer. The Yukon 6-100X100 Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope performs these achievements in a housing that is rugged, compact, light-weight and rubber armored. The yukon 100X sportting scope is produced in 2 models - one with a straight ocular eyepiece and another with an offset eyepiece - the latter is especially useful for observations when the user cannot align his/her viewing position with the scope - for example, when lying in prone shooting position. The offset eyepiece abjusts relative to the axis of the scope. It allows a user to be more comfortable in any position during observation. The Yukon 100X will accommodate tripods with threads of 1/4 ad 3/8 inches.

Specifications for Yukon 6-100X100 Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope:

Magnification of the main objective, factor: 25-100
Magnification of the additional objective, factor: 6-25
Main objective lens, mm: 100
Auxiliary objective lens, mm: 25
Field of view, ft/m @ 1000 yds./m @ 100x; @ 25x: 35/10,5; 126/38,5
Length , in/mm: 16.5/420
Width,inch/mm: 4.7/120
Height,inch/mm: 6.5/165
Weight, oz/kg: 53/1,5

Features of Yukon 6-100X100 Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope:

  • Magnification with linear zooming from 6X to 100X
  • Dual multicoated objective lenses - 35 mm and 100 mm
  • Abjustable eye-piece position(offset eyepiece model)
  • Generous eye relief
  • Compact
  • Light weight
  • Water Resistant
  • Rugged

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