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Chiruca Boots

Chiruca Boots are high-quality, durable footwear designed for outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, and trekking. These boots are made of premium materials and feature advanced technologies such as waterproof and breathable membranes, Vibram soles, and reinforced construction. Chiruca Boots also offer excellent support, traction, and comfort, making them ideal for rugged and challenging terrain.

Chiruca Boots

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Boots Chiruca IBEX 02

Price €204.99

The Chiruca Ibex GTX boots are designed to the smallest detail designed with materials and construction systems that enable a very high technical performance

Chiruca Game Force High Visibility 38 Gore-Tex

Chiruca Game Force High Visibility 38...

Price €179.99

The Chiruca Game Force High Visibility 38 Gore-Tex is a top-of-the-line outdoor footwear that provides ultimate protection and comfort for outdoor enthusiasts. It boasts water-repellent Nubuck leather, a Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort lining, and Pampa reinforcement in the toe cap for optimal durability. With an Xtra polyurethane midsole and Vibram® Stone rubber outer sole, it offers superior cushioning and stability. Weighing only 665 g, this shoe is perfect for all-day wear.

Please Note: Special Order - Average delivery time is around 1-2 weeks

Boots Chiruca Tundra Gore Tex

Chiruca Tundra GORE-TEX...

Price €215.00

We're proud to offer Chiruca Tundra GORE-TEX boots, which are made with top-quality materials and advanced technologies to provide exceptional performance and protection in any outdoor adventure. Our boots are water-repellent, hydro-repellent, and equipped with a GORE-TEX lining for optimal impermeability and transpiration. With reinforced rubber perimeters, Phylon midsoles, and bi-density polyurethane soles, these boots offer unmatched durability and comfort. Shop with us today and take your outdoor experience to the next level with Chiruca Tundra GORE-TEX boots!