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Elevate your sight with Merchynt's Optical Devices category. Discover a range of essential equipment, including binoculars, range finders, thermal scopes, laser rangefinders, Hunting Cameras and renowned brands like Leica, Steiner, Bolyguard, Reolink, SpyPoint and Pulsar. From military-grade optics to surveying tools, find the best optical devices for every adventure. Unleash the power of precision with our diverse collection of binoculars, surveying tools, and more.

Optical Devices

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BolyMedia BG636 4G Trail camera with GPS

Bolyguard BG636 4G Trail camera with GPS

Price €299.99

The BolyMedia BG636 is an advanced 4G wireless trail camera with GPS function that offers high-speed transfer, Molnus cloud service, and BolyRaw image processing technology for a superior hunting experience. It takes natural photos and videos, with invisible IR flash light at night and adjustable PIR sensitivity. With a 14MP color CMOS image sensor and 1080FHD video resolution, this camera is an ideal outdoor security option.