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 Shoe polish Harkila Neutral
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Shoe polish Harkila Neutral

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Harkila Neutral Shoe Polish is a high-quality, leather-protecting solution that prevents cracking. Ideal for membrane garments, it maintains breathability without compromise


For those who appreciate the finest quality and protection for their leather goods, the Harkila Neutral Shoe Polish is a must-have. Crafted with precision, this shoe polish is designed to soften and protect leather, preventing unsightly cracking that can occur over time.

What sets this shoe polish apart is its compatibility with membrane garments. Whether you have footwear or garments made with breathable membranes, you can trust Harkila to maintain the material's breathability. No need to worry about restricting the natural airflow your garments need.

Protect your investment and ensure your leather stays in optimal condition with Harkila Neutral Shoe Polish. It's a simple but effective solution that's perfect for all your leather items.

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